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Draw What You Saw, A Visual Memory Art Activity for Kids

Kids love art. Parents and teachers love helping children boost learning power. Draw What You Saw is a printable activity that combines the best of both, offering a fun way to incorporate art and creativity with activities that strengthen visual memory.


I had a lot of fun creating this one, and think the kids will love it, too! While the complete activity pack is now available in the store, I thought you might enjoy a free sample.


Draw What You Saw printable sample


This Draw What You Saw sample gives you the first of 10 different animal and insect themed activities, each with 3 skill-building steps: Remember It, Repeat It, Create It.


How it Works

Students first memorize a card with simple lines and shapes, then draw what they saw onto a separate page. They memorize 3 cards per activity. (Cut out or cover the cards not in use.)


Once finished, students get to see an illustration created from all of the lines and shapes they just drew. In the final step kids reassemble their work and draw the illustration, a fun reward for a job well done.


Draw What You Saw helps children reinforce important foundation learning skills, including:


  • visual memory
  • visual discrimination
  • visual figure ground
  • fine motor
  • attention


I recommend this activity for grades 2 and above. It’s a great resource for educational therapists and specialty educators focused on strengthening visual memory, but just as fun for upper elementary students in traditional classrooms and homeschool settings.


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The Big Back to School Sale

So there I was, enjoying a long overdue virtual vacation. You know, the kind where you don’t actually go anywhere but just relax and unplug for awhile.


Well, I sort of kind of cheated and plugged back in for a moment when surprise, surprise! Teachers Pay Teachers announced the date of their big Back to School Sale.


And you know what that means? THAT means…

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And THAT means…

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Back to School Sale


If you’re a proactive parent or educator and you happen to like boosting your child’s ability to learn, now is the perfect time to stock up on specialty education materials, even if you’re not a specialist.


Use your new learning power printables throughout the year to strengthen visual memory skills, visual tracking skills and more.


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Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS

Finish the drawing activities, also called finish the picture or complete the image, help children reinforce a number of important cognitive skills.


When I introduced an earlier Finish the Drawing freebie I spoke about the significance of some of these learning skills, visual closure, spatial awareness, pattern recognition, and fine motor skills.


Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS


Now I introduce Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS, a slightly more advanced version with a Summer theme. I recommend this one for grades 2 and up, though you know your child’s skill level best.


Children finish each of the four sun patterns. (Careful, circles can be tricky!) Then they add a splash of creativity to the mix by coloring their finished drawings however they wish.


Ready to sneak a little more cognitive skill building into your child’s day? Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store and download Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS free.


Heads up, if you don’t already have a TPT account you’ll need one in order to access this free printable.  No worries, the sign-up process is simple and available to everyone, not just teachers.  Plus, membership grants you access to a craaaazy amount of freebies just like this one. Creating road trip binders? TPT is the perfect place to start. Here’s where to sign up.



Perfect Square Is Perfectly Imperfect

Perfect Square by Michael Hall is another one of those children’s books that speaks volumes with such a simple idea.


The Story

Perfect SquareWhat happens to a perfect square when it is no longer perfect?  The square transforms itself into something new and beautiful.


No tantrums.


No tears.


It simply adapts and discovers new opportunities.


Every day the perfect square finds itself torn, or shredded, or crumpled.  Does this spell disaster for our disheveled shape?  We might assume so.  Yet every day this optimistic square turns lemons into lemonade, or in this case, scraps into art.


What I Love About this Children’s Book

I’m a sucker for any children’s book that incorporates a bit of brain training into its pages.  Perfect Square does this effortlessly as we learn just what each of the imperfect pieces of the square can create together.


Visual discrimination.  Spatial awareness.  Creative thinking.  Perfect.


Alongside all of this visual entertainment is a message we want our kids (and sometimes ourselves) to hear again and again.  Imperfection is not a flaw.  It’s a gift.


Recommended for ages 4 and up, though you’re going to love it, too!


To find more (informal) reviews of inspirational books for kids please visit the Children’s Book Finds page.


Seek and Find and Color Me Stars

Hey there, parents and teachers. Let’s sneak in a bit of cognitive skill-building with this printable fun page Seek and Find and Color Me Stars.


When children search for, find and color the matching stars on this busy star page they strengthen a few important learning skills in the process, such as:


Seek and Find and Color Me Stars

  • Visual Figure Ground

Strengthening this learning skill helps students not become lost in details or become overwhelmed by too much print on a page.


  • Visual Discrimination

This important learning skill helps students recognize differences between similar words such as saw/was or when/then.


Learn a few more tips when you read about Seek and Find and Color Me Hearts.


You might also enjoy Track the Red Stars, another star-themed ode to Independence Day.


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The Star Witness Memory Game for Kids

The Star Witness Memory Game for KidsThe Star Witness Game is a printable card game I designed to help boost children’s visual memory. Kids can also play this 2-4 person game to strengthen auditory memory, attention, and language skills.


Be aware, Building Visual Memory Skills with the Star Witness Game is much more advanced than your typical memory matching games for kids. If searching for very simple memory games for early learners, please start here.


The Star Witness Game is a fun way to build working memory as well. Students must hold a visual image of a particular cookie bandit in mind all while making decisions and taking action. Be careful! Drawing and discarding cards that don’t fit the bandit’s description can be VERY distracting, even for the grown-ups.


Age Level

• Recommended for grades 2 and above.

• You may simplify the challenge for younger students.

• Makes a great tool for educational therapists, teachers and parents helping students improve memory.


Where to Learn More

You’ll find Building Visual Memory Skills with the Star Witness Game now available in my TPT store. Click the link for a preview and more details.