A Cut and Play Visual Spatial Printable for Kids

Years ago I designed a printable puzzle for kids to help strengthen a critical learning skill, spatial awareness.  When an occupational therapist discovered it and started using it with one of her clients, she came back to me recently and basically said: more please!


Help improve your child’s spatial awareness, a necessary learning skill. This fun Cut & Play Visual Spatial Puzzle will make skill-building feel like play.


While I do focus much of my attention on parents and homeschool parents here at Inner Pieces Gallery, I love when teachers and specialists find me, too.  When they report back to me how useful my designs have been in practice, well, let’s just say that makes me really, really, REALLY happy!


So, thank you to the occupational therapist who requested more visual spatial puzzles.  I’m happy to oblige!


Because I wrote all about the original puzzle in an earlier post, I encourage you read Cut and Play Visual Spatial Puzzle: Shapes before you go ahead and print out the newest version, Cut and Play Visual Spatial Puzzle: LINES.


When you read about the puzzle you’ll also learn a little about WHY developing visual spatial skills is so important.


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Update: You can now watch a video demonstration of the original here.


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