A DIY Father’s Day Gift He’ll Want to Keep

Printable Book of Love and Gratitude for Dad

A Book of Love and Gratitude for Dad


Even if Dad isn’t the sensitive, emotional type, what father doesn’t love being appreciated?  Here’s a printable book kids can use to create a truly meaningful gift on Father’s Day or any day of the year.


No, it’s not a construction paper tie.


It’s not a creative masterpiece made from toilet paper rolls.  (Call me crazy but I suspect Dad may thank you for that.)


And if you discovered last month’s printable gift for moms you might have guessed that Dad’s DIY gift would focus on love and gratitude as well.


Personally I believe that dads are waaay under-appreciated Does Dad receive a heartfelt thank you only once or twice per year?  Then let’s help the kids make this Father’s Day gift a memorable one.


The Book of Love and Gratitude for Dad is designed for all ages.  Children can write or draw or color or collage or all of the above.  Print as many inside pages as you like so kids can express just what makes Dad so special.  Then of course Dad can ooh and ahh and perhaps even discover a few things he didn’t know about the huge hearts of his kids.


Another side benefit to creating this gift is that children can exercise their gratitude muscles.  Learn more about why that’s so important in an earlier post: Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids.


At any rate, the idea is to pour on the love and have fun in the process.  (By the way, we have one for moms, too.)


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