A Fun Earth Day Printable Activity for Kids

Because Easter typically lands in April, I thought that now would be a great time to add an Easter-themed activity to The Free Printables Collection.  And then I thought, I’ve done that before.  I want something new.


If you missed them the first time around, here’s what you’ll find already waiting for you in The FPC:

Seek and Find and Color Me Easter Eggs

Finish the Symmetrical Drawing: Easter Egg Patterns

Printable Patterned Eggs

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Of course, we typically observe Passover in April.  Can you imagine items from the Passover seder as part of a child-friendly printable?  Lamb shanks and parsley, anyone?  Uh, no thank you.


Heading is purple background. White text reads: Track & Color the Leaves. Below, green and white maze with black and white leaves pointing up, down, left, right.

So, before I chose to design an Earth Day activity, I searched for other obscure holidays that we might find in April.


Yes, we have World Autism Awareness Day, but did you know that we also have National Siblings Day?  (I love you, sis!)

National Grilled Cheese Day?

Deep Dish Pizza Day?

How about National High Five Day? 


Let’s give a big high 5 to the person who came up with that last one.


Since you probably connect more with Earth Day than you do with Grilled Cheese Day (or maybe I’m wrong about that), Earth Day was the winner.


Some of my most popular printables happen to be grid mazes… with a more advanced twist.

Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track and Color the Pencils

Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track and Color the Ladybugs

Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track and Color the Bees


Now, in honor of Earth Day, you can build children’s visual skills in the same way with a new leaf theme:

Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track and Color the Leaves.


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