A Pumpkin Printable – Finish the Pattern and Color

Let’s take this pumpkin coloring page up a notch, shall we?  Children finish the pattern they see in each section, then color the pumpkin.


Black and white illustration of a tall pumpkin partially completed with patterns of lines and shapes. Colored backgrounds in gray, orange and yellow behind white text. Text reads: “Finish the Pattern and Color, PUMPKIN, a fun free printable for kids.”


Finish the pattern activities bolster sequencing skills, critical thinking, logic and reasoning.


Plus, intricate coloring isn’t just a peaceful activity, a fun mindfulness practice or a simple way to help regulate the nervous system.  It also exercises attention skills, helping kids slow down and focus on the details.  Intricate coloring taps into creativity as it strengthens fine motor skills, too.


For older students (or any adult obliging their inner child) I recommend embellishing each of the patterns even more, before finishing the patterns within the pumpkin.  Add more lines, shapes, dots, squiggles.  Make the coloring experience as intricate as you wish!


While this free printable, Finish the Pattern and Color – PUMPKIN, is a simple fall-themed activity, you might like these Halloween-themed printables as well.


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