Why Inner Pieces Gallery is Here

Parents, teachers, and specialists, you’re already your learner’s guide, coach, cheerleader, biggest fan, hero, and so much more.  If you’re up for the challenge, if you’re ready to expand children’s ability to learn, consider Inner Pieces Gallery your new secret weapon. Discover simple tips, powerful tools, and plenty of encouragement to help you and your learner strengthen learning abilities together.


Please don’t let the name Inner Pieces Gallery throw you.  “Gallery” in this case simply refers to a collection (not a museum).  Find COLLECTIONS of learning tools that help K-6 kids transform into strong, confident learners.


Uncommon Knowledge (That Should Be Common)

Children with learning differences are not destined to a lifetime of learning struggle.  Yes, even if they have dyslexia.  Even if they’re in 5th grade and don’t know how to read (yet).


How do I know this?  As former director of a specialized learning center, I helped students with a variety of learning differences, including dyslexia, overcome their roadblocks to learning.  I also had the honor of training future teachers to do the same.


Unlocking Learning Abilities

When we uncover the hidden limits to learning, when we identify and target the key cognitive skills that need strengthening, we unlock children’s true potential.  When we do THAT, especially for learners who previously struggled year after heartbreaking year, we unlock children’s belief in themselves.  They start thinking in possibilities and in a future where the sky’s the limit.  Their bright, beautiful personalities start coming out of hiding.  No more need to guard against being seen.  No need to worry about underachieving (forever) or about disappointing their parents, their teachers, and themselves.  The doors to life are finally open, and they’re ready and eager for all of it.


I’ve had a front row seat to the beautiful transformations I just described.  My wish for you and your learner is to experience the same.  Learn to connect the cognitive dots and unlock your learner’s true abilities.


By the way, if you’re about to tell me that you’re NOT the right person for the job (yes, I talk to my computer too sometimes), please take a moment to read this blog post.  Allow me to make the case for NOT leaving that responsibility entirely up to the schools.  (Teachers, I wrote that one for parents but it’s for you, too.) Then come on back for your next step.


Your Next Step

Explore Inner Pieces Gallery.  Here’s what you’ll discover:


Learning Intervention Materials

I design printable tools for parents, teachers, specialists, and anyone who wants to help children tap into their own learning power.  The focus here is NOT on strengthening academic skills.  That’s often a happy side benefit.  Instead, we strengthen the cognitive skills that make academics possible.


Online Training

Parents, teachers and even specialists can feel baffled by their struggling learners’ lack of progress.  Not sure where to start, what type of help your learner needs, or which materials help strengthen which skills?  I recommend instructional videos that help you understand your learner on a much deeper level.


The Free Printables Collection

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Important: Printable materials in The Free Printables Collection and in my store are by no means substitutes for professional educational therapy.  I always recommend quality educational therapy for struggling students with learning differences.  The supplemental activities that I provide here are designed to expand your growing arsenal of tools, tools that help YOU remove your child’s limits to learning.  Please use them in addition to any extra help your child receives.