Back to School Activity Fun Pack for Kids – Full Color Printable

Transitioning back to school after a long break can be exciting for some children, difficult for others, and perhaps a little bit of both for most.  I personally recall looking forward to new clothes, new school supplies, and seeing all of my friends again.  I don’t recall being too crazy about resuming homework.

Make the transition back to school a little more fun and a little less intimidating with this Back to School Activity Fun Pack for kids. Enjoy plenty of skill building exercises for visual skills, executive function, working memory and more. Grades 2-4 or therapeutic intervention.

Enter the Back to School Activity Fun Pack for Kids.  This is a fun way to rev up those mental gears but in a fun, gentle, not so obvious way.  This is the kind of assignment children love to work on, but don’t realize the amount of important learning skills they are strengthening at the same time.


Even if this isn’t back to school time for your child, this school themed, full color, printable fun pack strengthens skills such as visual processing and working memory.  You can help strengthen your child’s auditory memory skills, too, if you choose to adapt some of the pages as listening activities (suggestions included).


For more information about the Back to School Activity Fun Pack, as well as fun packs for the holidays, click on the links below.  They will each take you to a more thorough description of the products in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Back to School Activity Fun Pack

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Not interested in a paying a few dollars for some brain-boosting fun?  No worries.  I like free stuff, too.  Try this freebie instead:

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