Boost Your Child’s Self-Confidence

I was so enthralled while reading this month’s book find that I couldn’t just stop there.  When you discover an author that you love, don’t you want to fill your bookshelves with their work?  So, instead of just one review, I bring you a twofer – 2 reviews in 1.  Both children’s stories are beautifully written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.  Both simply charm the socks off the parents who read and share these touching life lessons.  Both beautifully express the sentiment here at Inner Pieces Gallery, that honoring self expression and celebrating what we’re made of isn’t just nice, it’s a necessity.  Best of all, both children’s books help kids transform discouragement into empowering boosts of self confidence.  Way to go Mr. Reynolds!


The DotThe Dot by Peter H. Reynolds


This little book about, you guessed it, a dot, brings us a big message about self-expression.  And courage.  And daring to make our mark.  It even inspired an entire movement around encouraging creativity, International Dot Day!  Did someone in your life encourage you to make your mark in the world?


Ish by Peter H. Reynolds



Think back to your own childhood.  I KNOW, I know, for some of us that was WAY too long ago.  If you can’t remember that far, how about thinking back to at least last week?  Have you ever been ridiculed simply for expressing yourself?   If so, then you can relate to the story of Ish.  A brilliant story about finding one’s own creative voice, this special book helps kids learn to quiet the critics, inner and otherwise, and value being true to

themselves.  That’s one powerful message we can always benefit from, again and again and again.

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