Build Visual Skills on Valentine’s Day with Printable Seek and Find Hearts

Black and white heart-themed seek & find printable. Hearts with stripes, checks, slanted lines and plain.This printable activity for kids, designed for Valentine’s Day, is all heart, or should I say, all hearts.


Striped hearts.


Checkered hearts.


Scribbled hearts.


Students search for patterned hearts on this busy page, then color each one the designated color.


Sure, the kids will have fun, but YOU will know a little secret.  The Seek & Find & Color-Me Hearts page also strengthens:


visual discrimination skills

visual figure ground skills

even fine motor and attention skills when you encourage careful coloring.


Tip:  I recommend colored pencils or thin markers for this activity so students can practice focusing on the details.


Tip #2: Older students can assign their own intricate color designs to each of the patterned hearts, a great way to practice even more attention to detail.


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