Can We Start the New Year Early?

Okay, I admit that I’ve wanted to fast forward through 2020 ever since the lockdown began in March.


I’m actually quite familiar with being mostly homebound.  Becoming almost entirely homebound as I try to avoid a virus that I’m fairly certain will finish me off, that’s different.


The monotony, the lack of occasional social escapes in the real world, the end of my little mini-adventures to the grocery store, it’s all a giant, mind-boggling mountain of sameness.


I’m craving something new.  What about you?


grinning boy in green checkered shirt holding and pointing to clock

But guess what.  Happy New Year!


No, I haven’t just lost my marbles.  Okay, that’s debatable.


If you’re reading this in September, 2020, though, I have good news.


According to the Jewish calendar it’s a brand new year!


Rosh Hashanah, or the “head of the year,” is a time to both reflect on the year before and look forward to the shiny new year to come.


True, we can’t exactly fast forward through this very challenging moment in our lives, but we can put a new spin on it, a fresh outlook.


We can look back and celebrate what we’re proud of, and reflect on what we’re not.


Review what worked and what didn’t.


Look forward and plan where we want to be a year from now.


I love that we have a fabulous excuse to do this now instead of waiting for December 31.


If you dream of a time when your child or student with learning differences makes more progress than you ever considered possible, then I highly recommend taking a fresh new look at learning intervention.


You’ll discover powerful strategies to completely transform your learner’s capabilities.  Sound like a worthy plan?  Learn more about online training here.


Oh, and “l’shana tova,” a sweet new year!