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Kids’ Play Kitchens Have Own Unique Story

I love kids’ play furniture that ignites a child’s imagination.  I especially love furniture made of quality materials that does NOT make your home feel like a plastics factory in the process.  December‘s design inspiration, Inner Child Meet Your New Favorite Furniture, is one great example of a designer who creates exactly that.  Ready for …

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Will Good Balance Boost Your Child’s Brain Power?

Neuroscientists know it. Many parents, child development professionals and learning specialists know it. The development of good balance in infancy and early childhood can profoundly affect how well we learn and eventually read later in life. Learning is fun, right? Reading is fun! Not always so for children whose vestibular system is, well, off balance. …

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Inner Child, Meet Your New Favorite Furniture

I LOVE discovering furniture pieces that boldly express their own personality.  When that personality includes a quirky sense of humor, my heart gets a happy case of the giggles. Imagine my pure delight when I learned about Judson Beaumont’s furniture designs for kids (and other kidlike people).  Judson and his company, Straight Line Designs Inc, …

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Things That Make You Go Yum

Back before I began digital illustration, when I was still searching for my long lost creative outlet, I went through a cake decorating phase.  I even took a class to learn just how the pros make those perfect little butter cream roses.  Yum!  I don’t believe the real pros ate quite as many as I …

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The Modern Organized Child

Look Mom, I’m putting my clothes away!  Ah yes, music to a mother’s ears.  Who knew that kids’ furniture could also be so empowering? This month’s design inspiration is the perfect addition to any kids’ room.  The first time I saw this dresser by award winning designer Peter Bristol it made me smile.  Big.  With …

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Kids in the Kitchen

                        Today I am celebrating good design… of the culinary kind. My nephews love helping out in the kitchen.  The 4 year old recently learned that he may not QUITE be ready to chop vegetables, and will proudly show you the boo boo to …

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