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More printable learning fun available free at Inner Pieces Gallery’s TPT store.

Valentine’s Day Printable Roundup for Kids

Unless you’ve decided to become the big-meanie sugar police on Valentine’s Day you probably expect that your children will, at some point, come crashing down from a sugar high or two, or ten.   How about we provide a little balance with some fun, heart-themed, sugar-free activities that also sneak in a little extra cognitive …

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Seek and Find and Color Me Bookmark for Kids

The other day I found myself at the local library donating, among other things, some professionally printed bookmarks that I designed for the kiddos.  Then it dawned on me that I’d have greater reach if I made these bookmarks available to, well, everyone.     So that’s what I did.   This fun, visual skill-building …

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Fun Activities to Teach and Reinforce the Months of the Year

You may have already learned why some students struggle to learn the months of the year. I talked about it when I offered a free mini activity book for kids to help reinforce the concepts of January.   You haven’t seen it yet? Head on over to My Little Fun Book of January. You’ll learn …

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The Book of Visual Memory Activities for Kids

Lately I’ve focused my cognitive development discussions around one skill in particular, visual memory.   If you’re new here, this post will explain why being proactive about children’s visual memory development is so important: The Importance of Visual Sequential Memory   If you’ve been with me for awhile (bless you) then you’ll be happy to …

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The Big Back to School Sale

So there I was, enjoying a long overdue virtual vacation. You know, the kind where you don’t actually go anywhere but just relax and unplug for awhile.   Well, I sort of kind of cheated and plugged back in for a moment when surprise, surprise! Teachers Pay Teachers announced the date of their big Back …

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Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS

Finish the drawing activities, also called finish the picture or complete the image, help children reinforce a number of important cognitive skills.   When I introduced an earlier Finish the Drawing freebie I spoke about the significance of some of these learning skills, visual closure, spatial awareness, pattern recognition, and fine motor skills.     …

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