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More printable learning fun available free at Inner Pieces Gallery’s TPT store.

The Star Witness Memory Game for Kids

The Star Witness Game is a printable card game I designed to help boost children’s visual memory. Kids can also play this 2-4 person game to strengthen auditory memory, attention, and language skills.   Be aware, Building Visual Memory Skills with the Star Witness Game is much more advanced than your typical memory matching games …

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Alphabet Grid Bookmarks DIY

Here’s a fun way for kids to create their own custom bookmarks while we (shhh) sneak a little learning into the mix.     Use these alphabet grid bookmarks for:   a)     art b)     math c)     spatial awareness d)     fun e)     encouraging more reading f)       all of the above!   Children use the included grid …

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Gratitude Acrostic Poem

Plenty of research on gratitude nowadays shows us that creating a habit of gratitude has multiple benefits.  I wrote a little about these benefits back when I presented my Printable Gratitude Journal for Kids.   Gratitude Practice Now here’s an interesting research update for you.  I recently learned from UC Riverside professor and happiness expert …

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