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Fun printable activity pages for kids and kids at heart. Free downloads will ignite creativity, build educational foundation skills, and provide hours of fun!

Printable Sight Word Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is now a great excuse to sneak a bit of sight word practice into your kiddo’s day.     Whether you print these heart-themed sight words on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, you have multiple ways to “play.”   How it Works Give your child the uncolored page of …

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Improve Children’s Listening Skills With Which Word Goes Where (Video)

Would you like to help optimize your child’s ability to learn?  Strengthening auditory memory skills may help.  Auditory memory is memory for what we hear.  If you want to learn more about auditory memory, check out these articles: Is Auditory Memory Responsible for Your Child’s Learning Struggles? How to Help Your Struggling Learner Strengthen Auditory …

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MLK Day Activity for Kids: Sequencing and Tracking

Did you know that many of the visual tracking activities that you’ll find here at IPG also develop the important learning skill of sequencing?   I don’t mention it much, but activities like Image Tracking and Letter Tracking, specifically the pages in which students track more than one image or letter at a time, include …

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Improve Children’s Memory with Draw What You Saw (Video)

When it comes to helping students learn, especially our struggling students, we MUST make sure that their visual memory skills are strong enough to support them.   Memory training can be a drag, or it can be fun!   So, let’s make it fun for kids to strengthen visual memory with Draw What You Saw.  …

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How to Play The er, ir, ur Game, and Why (Video)

Whether you have a struggling reader at home or a strong reader, can we really blame anyone for confusing letter combinations that sound exactly the same?   How do you spell perfect?  Is it ur?  Is it ir?   How is a new young reader supposed to know this?   If your child has already …

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How to Use Hear the Hidden Message for Auditory Memory (Video)

How are your child’s listening skills?  Good?  How about remembering what you say?   Inside The Free Printables Collection you’ll find a sample of Hear the Hidden Message.  This is an activity that I designed to help students strengthen a variety of learning skills, especially auditory memory.   Here’s how it works…  (Video not showing?  …

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