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Fun printable activity pages for kids and kids at heart. Free downloads will ignite creativity, build educational foundation skills, and provide hours of fun!

Chanukah / Hanukkah Seek and Find Printable for Kids

If you don’t celebrate Chanukah, then you may have never played the dreidel game before.  By the way, Hanukkah is the easier way to spell it, for those who don’t care for the more authentic, clear-your-throat kind of sound represented by “Ch.”   What’s a dreidel?  It’s a toy with 4 sides that you spin …

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Empowerment Poster(s) for Kids – Delight in the Difficult

I’m not against word art per se. I know that positive words like “love” have been scientifically proven to invite an uplifting kind of energy to any home environment. Personally, I don’t happen to adorn my walls with word art or phrases.  That’s mostly because, and this is rather silly of me, I don’t want …

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Printable Grid Maze for Kids: Track & Color the Bees

These days I call my house The Bug House.   My home is only a few years old.  Nearby construction stirs up plenty of bug habitats.  Plus, a vacant field across the street means that I live steps away from a giant safe haven for creepy crawlies.   Yay, me.     If it’s not …

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Printable Sight Word Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is now a great excuse to sneak a bit of sight word practice into your kiddo’s day.     Whether you print these heart-themed sight words on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, you have multiple ways to “play.”   How it Works Give your child the uncolored page of …

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Improve Children’s Listening Skills With Which Word Goes Where (Video)

Would you like to help optimize your child’s ability to learn?  Strengthening auditory memory skills may help.  Auditory memory is memory for what we hear.  If you want to learn more about auditory memory, check out these articles: Is Auditory Memory Responsible for Your Child’s Learning Struggles? How to Help Your Struggling Learner Strengthen Auditory …

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