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Can We Start the New Year Early?

Okay, I admit that I’ve wanted to fast forward through 2020 ever since the lockdown began in March.   I’m actually quite familiar with being mostly homebound.  Becoming almost entirely homebound as I try to avoid a virus that I’m fairly certain will finish me off, that’s different.   The monotony, the lack of occasional …

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Looking at Learning Differences With New Eyes

The year is 2020.  Need I say more? It’s a year that’s testing us all. Our patience. Our resilience. Our fortitude.     We’re learning that even when we think we’ve reached our breaking point, we keep going.   Okay, maybe we happen to be short-fused.  Maybe we feel like we’re losing our minds a …

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One Way to Reduce Anxiety About Pandemic-Era School

If you and your children are lucky enough to have super chill personalities, this next statement doesn’t apply to you.   For the rest of us, these are very stressful times.     As of this writing in June of 2020, many of us feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.   We …

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Letter Recognition for Struggling Readers

Have you ever typed an address into your GPS and thought to yourself, “Well this is silly.  I’ve already driven to this place a gazillion times before.  Why don’t I know how to get there on my own by now?”   No?  Not you?  Okay.  Even if you can’t relate to the question that I …

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3 Ways That Kids With Learning Differences May Benefit From Quarantine

As we look for the good news during the great quarantine of 2020, you might be surprised that children with learning differences may finally catch a break.   Check out 3 unique possibilities for our very unique learners.     Benefit #1: Spotlight on the Effects of School I’ve heard countless parents share stories of …

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Reframe Your Struggling Learner’s Destructive Thinking

One of the most powerful beliefs that I think we can have is the belief that we get to choose our own beliefs.  We get to think whatever the heck we want to, good or bad.   When we recognize that thoughts don’t simply happen to us, that we are not at the mercy of …

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