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The Science of Reading – Trendy Trap or Trusted Term

As far as trendy educational terms go, the “science of reading” sounds hopeful, promising, optimistic.  It suggests a pendulum shift in classroom reading instruction, one that returns the focus toward data-driven, science-backed strategies that help children become strong readers.     As we know, change is hard.  Complete paradigm shifts, even harder.  No surprise, then, …

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The Comeback Kid of Effective Reading Instruction

Reading instruction doesn’t often grab headlines in mainstream media.  More and more news outlets across the country, though, report on a growing shift in reading instruction in early education.  That’s good news.  Even better is the welcome return of phonemic awareness and phonics, key building blocks of good, effective reading instruction.  Good for students AND …

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Help Struggling Learners Improve Auditory Memory – Free Video Training

Why should parents and educators help struggling learners improve auditory memory? This free auditory memory video training answers that question, and more.     For instance… What role does auditory memory play in a child’s ability to read and learn? Why is auditory memory development so important? How do we know if underdeveloped auditory memory …

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Kindness Grid Maze for Kids

Many printable activities for kids, and for kids at heart, live here at Inner Pieces Gallery.  Among them are grid mazes.  Among those, you’ll find a few different types of grid mazes.  For the grid mazes that only include images rather than letters, please start here.  The inspiration behind today’s kindness grid maze, however, came …

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Is This Another Legal Victory Against Dyslexic Student Neglect?

Dyslexic student neglect, that’s a pretty harsh phrase, isn’t it?  If you have a child with any type of learning difference, and the school fails to meet your child’s educational needs, then you have some idea of what I mean when I say dyslexic student neglect.  A legal victory for students who endure such neglect, …

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When and How to Help Struggling Readers Improve Phonemic Awareness

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, all your efforts to provide successful reading intervention fail.  You know, the kind of reading intervention that truly helps struggling readers read.  Maybe you already help improve phonemic awareness, but you don’t know why your reader continues to struggle.   If you work with a struggling reader at …

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