Chanukah Turkey?

How often do Chanukah and Thanksgiving land on the same night?  Not very often.  This year, 2013, is rather unusual.  The eight nights of Chanukah actually begin the evening before Thanksgiving.


So, in the spirit of giving AND gratitude, how about I make this month’s free printable slightly unusual as well.  Care for a double?


First, let’s bring back an oldie but goodie for Thanksgiving.  Your Thanksgiving Tabletop Turkey is eagerly waiting for some new little creative hands to assemble him and invite him to dinner.


Kids Printable Thanksgiving Tabletop Turkey

The pdf includes one turkey for the kids to cut and color on their own.  Plus the other, as you see in the photo, is colored for you.  (The reverse side is free for your creative contribution.)


I recommend cardstock for this one, but standard printer paper works too.


Subscribers will find Thanksgiving Tabletop Turkey by scrolling to the end of the private download page.  Not a subscriber yet?  Welcome!  Sign up in the box below for you private link and password.


Now let’s add a brand new printable activity for Chanukah.


Chanukah Visual Memory Matching

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, this Chanukah Visual Memory Matching Game introduces a bit of culture as it strengthens visual memory skills.


Kids (or parents and teachers) can use the included blank template to create their own games as well.


Heck, why not encourage kids to imagine their own holiday?  I wonder what symbols they might use in their holiday memory games.


What a great way to get those imaginative minds thinking.  And creating.  And building memory. 


However you decide to play, er, celebrate during the holidays, Shalom and Happy Thanksgiving!