Children’s Book Review: My Super Me

Have you ever wanted to be stronger, braver or wiser than you think you are?


yellow children’s book cover My Super Me: Finding the Courage for Tough Stuff, blond boy holding blue stuffed animalWhat if you could tap into more inner strength, inner courage, or inner wisdom than you ever thought possible?


Even better, what if you could teach that super power to your child, too?


Good news.  I found a children’s book to help you do just that.  It’s called My Super Me: Finding the Courage for Tough Stuff by Todd Herman and Eevi Jones.  Illustrated by Mel Schroeder.


The Story

A little boy and his trusted companion, a stuffed animal named Captain Storm, guide us through a journey of finding the hero within.


The story starts by bravely telling us the truth.  Sometimes things are hard.  Even when we try and try, sometimes that’s still not enough.


So what’s a kid to do?


In this case, our young hero chooses to adopt the qualities of Captain Storm.


Captain Storm is mighty.  He laughs at the hard things.  He courageously handles all of the big feelings that go along with being a little human (or a big human, for that matter).


When the little boy essentially becomes Captain Storm, he doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not.  He realizes that those qualities have been within him all along.


What I Love About This Children’s Book

Coauthor Todd Herman just so happens to know what it’s like to grow up with dyslexia.  He’s also quite successful as a Performance & Mental Game Coach.


What’s a Performance & Mental Game Coach?  Well, for Todd that means he trains athletes, entrepreneurs and leaders the skill of mental toughness.  One way he does that is to teach The Alter Ego Effect.


Again, it’s not about becoming someone we’re not.  It’s about tapping into our stronger, braver, wiser selves.  This book allows parents to easily share this important concept with all of the littles at home (and with themselves).


Something else I love…

Kids don’t need to have dyslexia, or learning differences, or anxiety or any other big challenges in life in order to embrace the powerful tool inside My Super Me.  That said, the uplifting story sure does speak to the heart of any child with learning differences.  And helping children with learning differences thrive, well, that’s what Inner Pieces Gallery is all about.


The story’s message is clear.  Yes, things are hard, but we have the power within us to do hard things.


Recommended for ages 2-6, but also a great read-aloud for the hero within us all.


Find My Super Me here.

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