Children’s Book Review: The Rabbit Listened

Sometimes when a friend of ours is going through tough times, we don’t quite know what to say, or what to do, or how to help.


Illustrated child wearing blue and white stripes hugging brown rabbit. Children’s book title in blue on white background: THE RABBIT LISTENEDThat’s why this sweet, sweet children’s story is so relatable.  It also happens to be librarian-recommended.


Librarians typically really know their stuff, so you know it’s a good one!


Don’t let the simple book title fool you, though.  The important message you’ll discover inside is one for us all.


The Story

After putting a great deal of effort and heart into creating something big, something masterful, a child feels a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  Rightly so.


That feeling disappears when the masterpiece comes crashing down.


One by one the animals come to try and help the child.  Too bad they don’t really know how to.


Thankfully rabbit comes along and offers the only kind of help that truly matters.  The child feels seen and heard, and can finally begin to heal.


What I Love About This Children’s Book

The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld is for anyone going through a tough time.


  • It’s for kids with learning differences.
  • It’s for adults with friends in the hospital.
  • It’s for anyone dealing with challenges big and small.


Rabbit reminds us all what we can do for each other in tough times.


The charming story is both simple and profound, both sad and uplifting.  If that wasn’t enough, the illustrations throughout this children’s book are as sweet as can be.


The Rabbit Listened may be a children’s book (for 3-5 year olds) but it sure feels more like a comforting, warm hug.


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