Children’s Printable of the Month: Finish the Symmetrical Graph Art Pictures

Finish the Symmetrical Graph Art Pictures is a fun printable learning activity for kids.  A little bit art, a little bit visual perception, a little bit math and a little bit spatial awareness, this printable combo pack is designed to be more than a little bit fun for kids!


Finish the Symmetrical Graph Art Pictures

The printable pack includes three symmetrical images in two different styles.  You can choose to print the graph art pages either with or without the surrounding full-color pattern, or both.  You decide.


Children finish the symmetrical picture by coloring the graph on the right with the mirror image of the pattern and picture on the left.  No real drawing skills are necessary.  Simple images include a heart, a house, and a sail boat.


More than likely children won’t notice themselves reinforcing multiple areas of learning, such as:


•  spatial awareness concepts of right, left, above, below

  math concepts of symmetry and geometry

  visual perceptual skills – in this case, visual discrimination of shapes, colors and angles.


Tip: Do you want to increase the difficulty for older students?  Turn this into a visual memory task by having students memorize the first row or two of the pattern, then cover the image and complete that portion of the graph from memory.  Not easy!  (You can find more visual memory quick tips here.)


You can also help your child or student reinforce another visual perceptual skill, visual closure. 


Visual closure is one of those foundation skills for reading that we don’t always pay much attention to.  It allows us to visualize a complete object or word when parts of that object or word are missing or hidden.


Recognizing sight words may be a challenge for students who struggle with visual closure.  Words that have similar beginnings or endings may cause confusion as well.


Strengthening visual closure skills can help students build reading fluency and speed.   Instead of analyzing individual details of words, students with strong visual closure skills quickly recognize words in their entirety.  This helps them become strong, efficient readers.


Important to note: visual closure is a visual skill, not a motor skill.  So before breaking out the crayons or markers, see if your child can recognize the graph art picture BEFORE the right half of it is revealed.  (Tip: Be sure to hide the title of the image at the top of each page.  It’s a surefire giveaway.)


Whether you’re looking to strengthen your child’s visual perceptual skills, or spatial awareness, want to introduce a few math concepts or are just looking for some printable fun for your young learner, please enjoy Finish the Symmetrical Graph Art Pictures.


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