Crack the Secret Word List Code for Kids

Ready for a little word play? Today’s subscriber freebie is a sample of a larger product called Word Play, An Art-for-Brains Activity. Kids love crack the code activities, and this one packs a powerful skill-building punch as it strengthens visual discrimination skills and so much more.


Crack the Secret Word List Code. Kids love crack the code activities, and this free printable sample packs a visual discrimination skill-building punch.

How it Works

  • This Word Play activity includes four grids.
  • Each 4 x 4 grid contains patterned letters.
  • Some of the patterns match, some do not.
  • Students cross out any letters in the grid with matching patterns.
  • The letters that remain spell a word.
  • Students write the word below each grid.
  • Finally, what do the 4 words have in common?


Spoiler alert: The answer to this sample word list code is that all the words are positive action words. (The answer “verbs” works just as well.)


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