Creative Gift Ideas for the Book Lover


Wonda WedgeI interrupt your regularly scheduled Inner Pieces Gallery Book Find to bring you a special offer alert!


Margie over at Wonda Wedge LOVES teachers, as do I.  If you teach, head on over to and ask about her special discount just for you.


Even if you’re not a teacher, Margie has still “got your back.”  It’s true that her inflatable, easy to travel with, waterproof, comfy, cozy wedge “chair” gives great support for endless activities, but I like it best for READING!

Reading in bed, reading at the pool or park, reading at the beach or in the RV.

Reading in a boat, or with a goat …

Okay, maybe not that last one.  Goats kind of scare me, a little.  Long story.  For another time… or maybe I’ll just keep that one to myself.

Wondawedge can instantly convert your child’s bookshelf into a delightful reading nook.


Here’s a great gift idea that any reader or teacher would love:

The Elephants of Style Tote Bag

  • One tote bag, like The Elephants of Style (Update: no longer available), filled with
  • one Wondawedge, or 2 or 10,
  • and an overflowing amount of some fabulously empowering books!

Oh, and isn’t that a crazy coincidence? I just so HAPPEN to have already reviewed a few of my favorite books for you:

Weird, huh?

However you enjoy your reading, be it sitting, reclining, or lying down, Wondawedge will give you an edge!  And no, I don’t receive any special credit for your purchase, but I’d still love it if you share this post!