Cut and Play: Visual Spatial Puzzle – Shapes



Puzzles are one great way to enhance your child’s visual spatial development.


Why is this so important?


Visual spatial skills help us:


•             know our left from our right (very useful when putting on our shoes)

•             understand our place in space so we can walk, run, play

•             use words like above, behind, and below correctly

•             recognize letter formations and patterns to help us READ

•             read charts, maps and blueprints

•             drive

•             problem-solve and develop abstract reasoning skills

•             understand geometry and calculus (Oh, if I’d only played with more Legos!)

•             enjoy and appreciate art


And the list goes on and on.  That last benefit of strengthening visual spatial understanding is, by the way, one of my favorites.


So, in the spirit of helping you raise strong readers, mathematicians and art aficionados I have designed a printable visual spatial puzzle for students of all levels.


For young students, print 2 pages of this puzzle, cut the pieces out from one page and use the other uncut page as a guide to place the pieces on top.  Too easy?  See how fast you can finish it the second time.


Older students and even adults can bump up the challenge. Try reassembling your puzzle pieces without looking at the original (or perhaps only peeking a few times).  A fun exercise?  Yes, but be prepared to feel those brain cells working!  Tip: only take this approach with advanced students.  It’s a tricky one!


I have included both color and black and white versions of this puzzle plus a blank template.  Those who feel especially creative can design their own puzzles (simple or complex), make as many as they wish, and even try to stump their friends and family.


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Update: You can now watch a quick video demonstration of this puzzle here.