Digital Practice Activities for Reading Intervention

Have you discovered the reading intervention program called Letter Sounds Made Simple?  If yes, keep reading.  If not, I invite you to start here: Letter Recognition for Struggling Readers.  You’ll learn why this easy-to-implement, multisensory program is so simple yet so effective.


I especially encourage the helpers of learners who either:

  • Have dyslexia
  • Have trouble recognizing letters or the sounds that letters make
  • Cause you to scratch your head wondering, “Why don’t they remember their letter sounds today? They recognized everything perfectly yesterday!  I thought we were making good progress.”


Tablet computer with sample activity in purple and teal plus orange. Headline reads: Digital Practice Activities for Reading Intervention. Listen. Sequence, Read. K-6+


For those who’ve already experienced the power of Letter Sounds Made Simple, I think you’re going to love the digital activities I created to supplement the program.


Students who complete individual lessons from the workbooks can now practice those same lessons independently, and digitally, as often as they need to.  No supervision required.


Of course, digital practice decks are fun for kids of all ages.  For older, struggling readers, they can be especially helpful.


Students can:

  • Practice independently and privately
  • Experience quick and easy wins, again and again
  • Receive instant feedback. They’ll know right away whether their answers are correct.  If not, they can adjust immediately.


Because practice decks are self-correcting, students not only reinforce what they’ve already learned from the workbook lessons.  They learn as they go.


What’s a Boom Card?

To learn more about Boom Learning, which is how I created these practice decks, let me refer you to this post:

The Visual Memory Piece of Reading Intervention Goes Digital


The Many Uses of LSMS Digital Practice Decks

Parent, homeschool parent, teacher, or specialist, you can help struggling learners strengthen letter recognition, sound-symbol association, and reading skills in so many different environments.

  • At home as extra practice
  • In the classroom on an interactive whiteboard
  • In a classroom literacy center (with digital capabilities)
  • During teletherapy
  • In private practice for educational therapy
  • In speech therapy to help with auditory discrimination
  • In occupational therapy settings
  • In the car on a tablet computer
  • At home as bonus screen time


Please visit Letter Sounds Made Simple Reading Intervention Boom™ Cards BUNDLE Level 1 and scroll a bit to reach the description at the end.  The link brings you to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.  There you can learn about the ten individual practice decks for LSMS Level 1.


Prefer to purchase directly from Boom Learning?  Please visit this bundle instead.


When you’re ready to progress to Level 2, find the bundles (and their individual decks) here:

Level 2 on TPT

Level 2 on Boom Learning


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