Dot Grid Pattern Play, An Art-for-Brains Activity for Kids

Consider Dot Grid Pattern Play the ultimate multitasker. Educational specialists, parents, differentiated classroom teachers and multi-level homeschools will appreciate the versatility of this learning powered printable activity for kids.


Whether you use this fun learning tool for art class, or basic geometry, to practice using a straight edge or even for handwriting practice (without the actual handwriting) sneaky you will help students in grades 2-6 strengthen important learning skills along the way.


Dot Grid Pattern Play, An Art-for-Brains Activity that helps kids build visual figure ground skills, visual tracking, spatial awareness and so much more.  Whether you use it for handwriting skills practice (without the handwriting), basic geometry, pattern recognition, art or other purpose, kids will love finding the hidden shapes in this learning powered printable pack.


I originally designed Dot Grid Pattern Play to target visual figure ground skills. Visual figure ground skills allow us to identify objects or words on a page even within crowded backgrounds.


In the sentence you just read, can you find the word “skills?” Of course you can. Imagine if that were difficult. Would you still enjoy reading? Would you be able to highlight important information?


Students with underdeveloped visual figure ground skills may become overwhelmed with words on a page. While you might become frustrated that your child seems so distractible, often loses his place, or is too slow to copy information from the board, your student is working overtime to locate the information in the first place.


Dot Grid Pattern Play includes 10 dot grids, each with progressively challenging patterns to complete. Some patterns include curves, perfect for strengthening handwriting skills. Other patterns include straight lines, which students may draw with or without a straight edge.


How it Works

Children finish the incomplete pattern on the dot grid, then color the specified shapes. Depending on skill level, children may use the final Hidden Shapes page to find and outline additional shapes within each pattern. I recommend that you find the hidden shapes yourself before giving the challenge to your students. Some shapes may be quite difficult to find!


While visual figure ground skill-building was the original intention for this activity, Dot Grid Pattern Play strengthens a whole host of learning skills.


Skills Strengthened

  • Visual Figure Ground
  • Visual Tracking
  • Visual Closure
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Fine Motor
  • Attention


You’ll learn more about each skill strengthened with the purchase of Dot Grid Pattern Play, now in my TPT store ($4).


Care to try before you buy? Check out the free sample page here.