Dot Grid Pattern Play Free Sample Printable for Kids

Ready for another learning powered printable freebie for kids? You might recall that I’ve mentioned visual figure ground before and why developing this skill is important, especially for reading.


One fun way to help children strengthen figure ground skills is to provide seek and find activities such as Where’s Waldo or I Spy.


This month’s free sample, Dot Grid Pattern Play, you might consider as an amped up version of Where’s Waldo for shapes and patterns. And by amped up I mean that Dot Grid Pattern Play strengthens much more than visual figure ground skills.


This dot grid pattern disguised-as-art activity for kids builds visual figure ground, spatial awareness, visual tracking, fine motor skills, and much more.


Children (in grades 2 and above) finish the pattern on the dot grid, color the specified shapes, then find even more hidden shapes within their completed pattern.


Please enjoy a free sample of Dot Grid Pattern Play. I’m providing pattern #5 (out of 10) so you can gauge the complexity of this activity for your own child. Patterns 1-4 are slightly simpler. Patterns 6-10 become more challenging.


The final 10-pack includes an additional hidden shapes page. However, you may still expand the figure ground skill building with this free sample. Once the pattern is complete, simply ask your child which additional shapes he can find within the pattern. You can try too, of course, though don’t be surprised if your child finds more hidden shapes than you do!


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