Draw What You Saw, A Visual Memory Art Activity for Kids

Kids love art. Parents and teachers love helping children boost learning power. Draw What You Saw is a printable activity that combines the best of both, offering a fun way to incorporate art and creativity with activities that strengthen visual memory.


I had a lot of fun creating this one, and think the kids will love it, too! While the complete activity pack is now available in the store, I thought you might enjoy a free sample.


Draw What You Saw printable sample


This Draw What You Saw sample gives you the first of 10 different animal and insect themed activities, each with 3 skill-building steps: Remember It, Repeat It, Create It.


How it Works

Students first memorize a card with simple lines and shapes, then draw what they saw onto a separate page. They memorize 3 cards per activity. (Cut out or cover the cards not in use.)


Once finished, students get to see an illustration created from all of the lines and shapes they just drew. In the final step kids reassemble their work and draw the illustration, a fun reward for a job well done.


Draw What You Saw helps children reinforce important foundation learning skills, including:


  • visual memory
  • visual discrimination
  • visual figure ground
  • fine motor
  • attention


I recommend this activity for grades 2 and above. It’s a great resource for educational therapists and specialty educators focused on strengthening visual memory, but just as fun for upper elementary students in traditional classrooms and homeschool settings.


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