Educational Toy Roundup

Educational Toy Roundup

Today’s educational toy roundup brings you 10 online places to discover learning enrichment tools and toys for kids.  This list, in no particular order, is by no means all inclusive.  I am also not affiliated with any of the links below.

If you’re looking for your child’s next birthday gift, preparing ahead of time for the holidays, or are stocking up your arsenal of covert enrichment tools for your home or classroom this is a great place to start.  You might also want to bookmark this page for that next party your child is invited to.  Besides, there’s so much here to explore!


Edu Fun Toys  Easy to shop for fun educational toys by brand, category or age.

Mindware  Great brand of brainy toys including a long list of award winners.

Fat Brain Toys  I love the detailed descriptions of each toy, including a toy value index and reviews.  The gift wizard is pretty handy, too.

Excellence in Education  Homeschool book store and resource center.  Check out their fantastic Game Curriculum section that matches appropriate games to grade level and subject.

Super Duper Publications  Educational and therapy materials.  Includes various special needs categories.

Reading Rockets  Though not so heavy on the games I had to include this one for the wealth of resources on reading and on support for struggling readers.

Different Roads to Learning  Offers fun games for all kids but specifically selected by a mom with a child diagnosed with autism.

Learning Resources  This site is extremely easy to navigate.  Even the special needs category is broken down by skill, modality, and more.  I also like that even though it’s colorful it’s not visually over stimulating.

Wonder Brains  Fun educational toys including a breakdown by gender and age.  Also includes a toy safety guide.

Teach Your Children  My list would not be complete without a shout out to my local educational resource store.  True, the website may leave something to be desired, but give the owner a call and you’ll find that he is a wealth of information and enthusiasm for the products he offers.  Every time I walk in for a gift I know I’ll walk out excited to share it, and perhaps secretly wanting to keep the fun for myself!

Did you find this list helpful?  Please feel free to share!