Fine Motor Activity Fun Roundup

Fine Motor Activity Fun for KidsDeveloping strong fine motor skills allows children to write, draw, cut, sculpt, tie their shoes, zip, snap or button their coats, and control their fork, knife, spoon, or chopsticks (preferably without decorating the walls with spaghetti).



Coordinating the small muscles in their hands and fingers lets kids communicate through sign language, dance the hula, or successfully drop a coin into their favorite gumball machine.



Ever try to zip up your coat when your hands are freezing cold?  Super frustrating, right?  Imagine trying to learn how to write your ABC’s if you don’t have sufficient fine motor strength to control your pencil.  No wonder some children protest written homework so much.



A child’s foundation for fine motor skills develops within the first 6 years.  Keeping these critical muscles strong is still important at any age.



While today’s Fine Motor Activity Fun Roundup lists activities primarily for the pre K group I’ve also added a few options for older children.  Plus, games like Legos, puzzles, Tangrams, Mancala, and the classic Operation are just a few standbys for sneaking in some good fine motor fun.  For those of us who remember the original Lite Bright I’m happy to report that yes, it’s still around, too.



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