Finish the Monster Drawing – An Art-for-Brains Activity

You may have seen art based fun pages like this before in one of your child’s many activity books. You’ll find finish the drawing or complete the picture activities intermingled with other skill-building pages. Have you ever wondered what skills they actually strengthen?


I designed Finish the Monster Drawing specifically to target the skill of visual closure.


Finish the Monster Drawing, An Art-for-Brains Activity. Not just friendly, these printable monster drawings help students build visual closure skills and much more. A great art lesson for Halloween and all year round.What is visual closure and why is it important?


While I’ve mentioned visual closure skills before, let’s take a closer look.


Visual closure allows us to visualize a complete object or word when parts of that object or word are missing.


Take the word “and” for instance. “And” is a sight word. We see it everywhere. If every time we come across that word we must first decode the letter “a,” then the “n,” then the “d,” then assemble it into a recognizable word, our reading speed and fluency will suffer.


“And” is just one of many sight words. Can you imagine how much effort our students with poor visual closure skills are putting into reading? No wonder they become so frustrated.


If you notice a child struggling to learn sight words, or mixing up words that have similar beginnings or endings, your observation may be a clue to that child’s underdeveloped visual closure skills.


Disguised as a fun art activity for kids, Finish the Monster Drawing is well suited for students in first grade and above. The age range for fun is, of course, unlimited here.


Additional Skills Strengthened


Anyone who wants to improve their drawing skills, or learn how to draw monsters (the friendly kind, that is) will enjoy this 10-pack of monster themed drawings. 10 pages for right handers. 10 bonus pages for lefties.


Call it a happy side effect of having fun, students also reinforce important foundation skills such as:


  • spatial awareness
  • visual discrimination
  • visualization
  • fine motor


Note: In order to make this a true visual closure activity, students must visualize their finished monster before even picking up a pencil. Please refer to the included instructions.


Care for a test drive? Visit Finish the Monster Drawing Free Sample.


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