Finish the Monster Drawing – Free Sample

What child doesn’t love friendly, lovable monsters? Combine monster love with children’s love of art plus my love for helping kids build better brain power and we’ve got a fun, brain boosting art activity for kids: Finish the Monster Drawing.


Kids finish the drawing of a friendly printable monster, add their own creative twist, and build visual processing skills while enjoying this fun art activity.


This printable freebie is a single-page sample of a larger activity pack. It’s best suited for kids in early to middle elementary and those with special needs.


Finish the Monster Drawing is an easy and fun way for kids to engage their brains, strengthening visual processing skills and even more learning essentials along the way.


Once the monster drawing is complete, don’t stop there! Keep the art activity going. Kids can add their own embellishments, draw their own backgrounds, then color their finished monster masterpieces any way they wish.


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