Finish the Symmetrical Drawing: Easter Egg Patterns

This finish the picture printable for kids makes a perfect art activity for Easter.  And, in true Inner Pieces Gallery fashion, fun is just a good cover for helping kids reinforce important cognitive skills.


For instance:

Visual Closure

When students are able to take only partial information and visualize a complete whole, reading and comprehension becomes easier.  Instead of decoding every letter of each word, readers with strong visual closure skills are able to quickly recognize words by sight.


Finish the Symmetrical Drawing: Easter Egg Patterns

Spatial Awareness

Understanding where an object, or in this case, line, begins and ends will also help children understand the concept of symmetry in this activity.


Pattern Recognition

Supports countless areas of learning such as spelling, reading, math, and problem solving.


Fine Motor Skills

Essential for manipulating small objects such as scissors, pencils, shoelaces, puzzle pieces, or perhaps, in the case of our budding artists, crayons or paint brushes.


After the kids are finished completing and coloring the patterns in these Easter eggs, why not extend the fun?  Feel free to create your own version of an Easter egg hunt.


Here’s one way to play:

Cut out each of the eggs.  (For more eggs simply print more pages.)

Cut each egg in half vertically.

Hide the left halves of the eggs around the house.

Place the unhidden matching halves in a bag or a bowl.

Draw one of the half eggs from the bag or bowl.

Child hunts for the Easter egg match.

Repeat until all eggs are found.


Uh oh.  Find one that doesn’t match?  Have child leave it in place and remember its location. When the next unhidden match is drawn, child can exercise those memory and deductive reasoning skills, too.



If you want to bring this Easter egg hunt to the classroom, the student who collects the most matches first wins!


For kids who like to create their own patterns, this pdf download also includes a page of undecorated eggs.


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