Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS

Finish the drawing activities, also called finish the picture or complete the image, help children reinforce a number of important cognitive skills.


When I introduced an earlier Finish the Drawing freebie I spoke about the significance of some of these learning skills, visual closure, spatial awareness, pattern recognition, and fine motor skills.


Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS


Now I introduce Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS, a slightly more advanced version with a Summer theme. I recommend this one for grades 2 and up, though you know your child’s skill level best.


Children finish each of the four sun patterns. (Careful, circles can be tricky!) Then they add a splash of creativity to the mix by coloring their finished drawings however they wish.


Ready to sneak a little more cognitive skill building into your child’s day? Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store and download Finish the Symmetrical Drawing SUN DESIGNS free.


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