Fostering Gratitude in Children – Printable

Are you looking for ways to foster gratitude in your children?  As you probably know, children are more apt to learn by watching (and copying) the adults around them than by becoming good citizens simply because we tell them to.  Thus, behaving like a grumpasaurus most of the time is PRRROBably a good way to raise grumpasuarus children.  Wouldn’t you agree?


That’s no fun for anyone.


Printable Color Me Thank You Card for Kids

If you wish to foster gratitude in your children, one great way is to share how grateful YOU are for the little things in life, and the big things, and… anything!


Do you keep a gratitude journal?  Your children might enjoy keeping a gratitude journal of their own.  You’ll find a printable, personalizable gratitude journal for kids here.


Do you send thank you notes to party hosts, gift givers or to your children’s teachers?  (Please say yes!)  I do realize that sending cards the old fashioned way is a bit of a dying art.  If you’re a glass half full type, you might see the upside to that.  Because thank you notes are now almost as rare as snail mail I believe they are even more appreciated than ever!


So, if you haven’t already done so, please introduce our next generation of grateful hearts to the gratitude fostering tradition of sending thank you notes.  To their teachers.  To the people who give  them presents this year.  To the tooth fairy.   Whomever.


To get them started I’ve created a simple printable thank you card for kids.  As always, children of the grown-up variety can join the fun, too.


Simply cut, fold and color.


Who knew that developing gratitude could have the happy side effect of developing fine motor skills, too?  Children can even create their own envelope with the template provided. (Guidance may be helpful for the younger ones on this part.)  I recommend printing the card on white card stock or heavy paper.  The envelope works well with any paper type in whatever color or pattern you choose.


However you choose to foster gratitude in your children,

by being the example,

by openly appreciating their appreciation,

by encouraging them to thank the people in their lives,

your efforts will impact their lives forever and the lives of those around them.


Get that domino effect started and sign up for your printable thank you card below.

And to all of my readers and subscribers, THANK YOU!