Fun Activities to Teach and Reinforce the Months of the Year

You may have already learned why some students struggle to learn the months of the year. I talked about it when I offered a free mini activity book for kids to help reinforce the concepts of January.


You haven’t seen it yet? Head on over to My Little Fun Book of January. You’ll learn why continuing to reinforce facts about the months of the year is so important in both lower and upper elementary.


A growing bundle of mini activity books for kids helps reinforce knowledge of the months of the year.

If you and the kids enjoyed My Little Fun Book of January, I thought you might like to have all of the mini-books, January through December. They are useful for:

classroom centers

 morning calendar work

early finishers

fun homework

homeschool assignments

educational therapy settings

even summer road trips


The thing is, they aren’t all completed just yet. That’s actually good news for you!


Have you heard of the growing bundle? It’s an opportunity to own a large bundle of (printable, learning ability boosting) activities before all of the activities have been added. Not only do you save a percentage off of the entire bundle, but if you scoop it up early you receive all future files in that bundle for free. And we sure like “free” around here, don’t we?



The months of the year growing bundle is available today. Each time a new mini-book is added the bundle price will increase. The final price of this money-saving bundle will be $19.20. That’s 20% savings off the individual listings. Purchase at today’s price and save even more.



What’s today’s price? This is a moving target, so visit the Months of the Year Growing Bundle to find out just how much you’ll save. If you notice a gigantic savings, that’s no mistake. I realize that many of us are approaching the end of the school year and aren’t thinking much about calendar work. This is my way of incentivizing you early planners for next year, or you road-trippers, or you year-round homeschoolers.



Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy reinforcing months of the year concepts with fun, easy to use mini-books. Find My Little Fun Books of January through December here.