Fun Printable Paper Scene “Summertime”

Fun Printable Paper Scene "Summertime"


This printable paper scene, “Summertime,” can provide hours of fun for kids all on its own or can expand an earlier paper scene, “The Neighborhood.”


As you may know, pretend play isn’t all just fun and games.  Pretend play builds and strengthens important developmental skills such as:

  • creative problem solving
  • story telling
  • language


… not to mention that cutting and coloring this printable also strengthens fine motor skills.  Plus, when children use the included blank template to draw their own characters and scenery they engage their imaginations and express themselves creatively.


Tip: If you plan on any road trips this summer you can easily store these printables in a folder for some great flat packable brain boosting entertainment.


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Let the printable fun begin!