Fun Printable Paper Scene “The Neighborhood”

Inspired by a few paper scenes I recently discovered for kids, I couldn’t resist creating my own paper scene to share with you.  My version is the easy to cut, easy to fold, easy to add your own imagination kind for all ages.


Paper Scene: "The Neighborhood"


What’s Included

This free, printable paper scene, “The Neighborhood,” includes three pages of creative fun!


Page 1:

Simple, easy to color illustrations of a boy, girl, dog, bench, tree, and flower pot full of flowers (not shown).


Page 2:

Background scene with 3 houses.  Print as many as you want.  Add your own creative style to make each house unique!


Page 3:

Of course, drawing more neighborhood people and extras to expand your paper scene is easy to do.  To make that even easier for you I have included one blank template.  Have fun creating a paper neighborhood just the way you like it!


While pretend play ignites the imagination and opens the door to creativity, this free printable paper scene helps build fine motor skills as well.  It’s incredibly versatile.  Young children learning to handle scissors can practice cutting simple straight lines.  Older kids can cut around each object to challenge their skills even further.  And let’s not forget, coloring has all sorts of developmental benefits all on its own!


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