Fun with Visual Figure Ground Skills

Visual figure ground refers to the ability to distinguish an object (figure) from its surroundings or background (ground).


Visual figure ground and letter tracking printableWith regard to reading, this visual skill helps students look at a busy page of print and not become overwhelmed.


That’s a good thing.


Students who have trouble with figure ground skills may become lost in the details, unable to focus.


And, since we never like to use the word “trouble” in the same sentences as “students,” let’s see how we can strengthen visual figure ground skills before any trouble begins.


Sound good?


Have you ever searched for a lucky 4-leaf clover in a giant sea of clovers?  Not very satisfying, was it?


A few simpler activities you can do with the kids include:

I spy games (You can play these anywhere, anytime.)

hidden picture books

treasure hunts

paint by numbers

sorting from a pile of items (socks, silverware, Legos, for example)


Since what I do around here happens to be, well, design learning materials, let me point you to a few printable pages that help build essential visual skills, including figure ground.


Line tracking                               Trace the overlapping lines.

Mazes                                        Full color.  Progressively challenging.

Image Tracking                           i.e. Circle every triangle.

Letter Tracking                           i.e. Circle every letter “b.”


The links above all lead you to my store.  This last one, on the other hand, is a freebie!


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