Goodnight Opus Inspires Imaginative Minds

Goodnight Opus

What does a penguin in pink bunny jammies have to teach us about imagination?  Plenty, which is so much more than what grannies who have udderly (er, I mean utterly) lost their sense of adventure can teach.


If you don’t recognize the name of author/illustrator Berkeley Breathed or his fun loving penguin character named Opus just think back (if you can) to the days of the Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoon Bloom County.  Or, perhaps the subsequent Outland was more your generation.


Opus appears again in the popular children’s book Goodnight Opus, offering a lighthearted wink at the classic Goodnight Moon.  In full, magnificent color our beloved Opus takes us on an adventure all the way to the Milky Way and back again.


As with any great picture book for children the images are just as, or even more important, than the story itself.  Combine the free flowing rhythm of its text with the mesmerizing illustrations of Goodnight Opus and you have the makings of an incredible, empowering children’s book.  Not only does Goodnight Opus inspire children to let their imaginations soar and to embrace their inherent sense of wonder it may even encourage a few curmudgeony grannies to do the same!  Now, if a book has the power to transform even one curmudgeon in this world into a dreamer, I’d say that’s an inspiring book find!


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