Graph Art for Auditory Memory, An Art-for-Brains Activity for Kids

Don’t you love when art activities actually help kids build learning abilities?  That’s why I designed   Graph Art for Auditory Memory, An Art-for-Brains Activity.


Do you ever give your children instructions that seem to go in one ear and out the other? True, that may be a simple case of selective hearing. Then again, maybe your kids are giving you a clue that it’s time to help strengthen their auditory memory abilities.


You can learn more about auditory memory skills here. You can even grab a few suggestions for auditory memory skills training here and here.


What I Think You’ll Love About Graph Art for Auditory Memory


This Art-for-Brains Activity helps kids build auditory memory, listening skills and more.  Great tool for teachers, parents, and learning specialists.

1) Anticipating which secret graph art animal will appear feels more like fun than cognitive skills training.

2) This strength training tool builds more than just listening skills and auditory memory. It also boosts:

  • Working Memory
  • Auditory Discrimination
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Fine Motor
  • Attention

3) Besides all of that, it’s versatile!


Whether you work one on one or in small groups, teach in a therapeutic learning environment or homeschool, or are a teacher, learning specialist or substitute in a large classroom, Graph Art for Auditory Memory is an easy, sneaky way to help students boost brain power!


When used to strengthen auditory memory, I recommend it for grades 2 and above. That doesn’t mean your first grader can’t get in on the fun. Make this a simple graphing skills activity with one of the included alternatives.


That also doesn’t mean that your ninth grader will think this activity is just kids’ play. If he struggles to remember a 7-digit phone number spoken to him, Graph Art for Auditory Memory may be just the tool he needs.


To learn more, and to find out which 10 animal themed graph art designs are included in this printable pdf, view the listing in my TPT store here.


Care for a test drive first?  Visit Graph Art for Auditory Memory – Free Sample.