Graph Art for Auditory Memory – Free Sample

Are you looking for a fun way to help students strengthen auditory memory and listening skills? You can take Graph Art for Auditory Memory for a test drive with this free sample page.  (Learn about the full product here.)


Graph Art for Auditory Memory. Kids will love this free printable activity to strengthen auditory memory, listening skills and even more cognitive abilities. Plus they get to color this friendly giraffe when they're finished.

Important tip: Students should already have a basic understanding of rows, columns, and graph coordinates. The included Instructor Script does provide a quick refresher. However, to really focus on building auditory memory and listening skills, let’s not make this your student’s first exposure to graph concepts.


This 4-page pdf includes:

  • Instructor Script
  • Blank 20 x 20 Grid
  • Coordinates for Graph Art Activity 1

You read the coordinates out loud. Students create our friendly little giraffe here. Plus they get to color their graph art when finished.

  • Answer Key


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