Graph Art for Listening Skills

We sometimes use graphs and grids to teach kids math concepts and help build spatial awareness.


When we design graph art we enhance creativity plus a bit of fine motor development.


Graph Art for Listening Skills: Robot


What happens when we combine all of the above AND transform the activity into a listening skills task?


We get this friendly, colorful robot who only reveals himself once students listen to and follow the directions of their teacher (or parent, or educational therapist, or super fun caregiver).



Students gather crayons, markers or colored pencils in the following colors: green, blue, and orange.  If using this activity in a classroom setting make sure you have enough of these colors for everyone.


Teacher reads from a list of provided graph coordinates out loud.  For example, “A 7 GREEN.”  Students locate the proper square on the grid, then color it in completely with the correct color.  Slowly but surely their ROBOT appears.


First and second graders should be able to complete one coordinate/color combo at a time.  If you want to turn this into an auditory memory task, try 2 coordinates of the same color.  For instance:  “B 3 and F 7 ORANGE.”  Unbeknownst to your students  you’ll be secretly helping them strengthen attention skills, too!



This printable pdf includes:

1 blank grid (10 x 11) with letter and number coordinates and instructions

1 finished ROBOT as answer key

3 pages of coordinates and colors to read aloud

Want to make this a collaborative task?  The combinations on the coordinates list are purposefully large enough to cut out individually.  Students can take turns choosing which coordinate to read aloud next!


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The latest version of Acrobat Reader is required.


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