Gratitude Bingo Game DIY

Reinforcing the habit of gratitude in children doesn’t need to feel like yet another assignment. Why not give the kids something fun to do AND something to be grateful for?


Free from Inner Pieces Gallery, please enjoy this printable gratitude bingo game.


Gratitude Bingo Game DIYThe pdf download includes:


  • One full-sized bingo game card. Print one for every player.


  • Fifty done-for-you gratitude tiles to get you started. If you choose to use them, print one set for every player plus one set for the bingo caller.


  • One page of blank tiles. Use these to customize your own gratitude tiles and make your game truly personal. Print as many as you’d like.


Players may use the blank tiles to draw or write what they are grateful for. Be sure to make two identical tiles; one for the bingo player, one for the bingo caller.


Each player cuts and pastes their favorite tiles onto their game card. Each card then becomes a completely unique reflection of each player.


Looking for even more gratitude activities?


This Gratitude Bingo Game along with the popular Gratitude Journal for Kids are both free to subscribers. For immediate access, either sign in or sign up! (See the easy sign-up box below.)


The kids might also enjoy creating a Gratitude Acrostic Poem. This particular freebie is available in my TPT store. (Sign up is easy there, too.)


However you decide to encourage your child, please also know that I am especially grateful for you!