Grid Art for Kids Improves Auditory Memory

Earlier I provided a free sample of Building Auditory Memory Skills with Grid Art: Geometric Animals. I hope the kids really enjoyed creating their fun geometric style fox. Most importantly, I hope you enjoyed covertly helping kids strengthen auditory memory and listening skills in the process.


In case you missed the freebie, learn more about it out here.


So why even bother with auditory memory activities? Take a look at a few clues that auditory memory deficiencies might be holding back your child’s learning.


Whether children need to improve auditory memory and listening skills or not, Grid Art: Geometric Animals offers a fun, sneaky way to strengthen this important learning skill.

Signs of Auditory Memory Difficulties

Does your child struggle with any of the following?

  • reading
  • reading comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • phonics
  • following directions
  • taking notes while listening
  • completing assignments
  • losing train of thought mid-conversation


Do you often tell your kids to find their socks and shoes and join you for breakfast, for example, only to find them 15 minutes later forgetting what you asked them to do?


Does your child consistently forget to turn in homework assignments in class, especially the assignments provided verbally?


While these signs by themselves may or may not point to challenges with auditory memory, they could be part of the learning difficulty puzzle.


Building Auditory Memory Skills with Grid Art

We might think of Building Auditory Memory Skills with Grid Art: Geometric Animals like a very sophisticated form of dot to dot. Children listen to instructions, find coordinates, remember coordinates, and remember which dots must connect to each other.


In the end they create a geometric style animal they can feel proud of. Have your children check their work against the answer key, then color their creations (or save the coloring for later).


Grid Art is versatile and well suited for grades 2 through upper elementary, though you may simplify the challenge for younger children and increase the challenge for older children.


Additional Skills Strengthened

Not only will you help children strengthen auditory memory and listening skills, you’ll help develop these important skills as well:

  • Working Memory
  • Auditory Discrimination
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Fine Motor
  • Attention


Ideally use Grid Art in one-to-one or small group settings so that you can closely monitor children’s progress. It’s a perfect tool for educational therapy, speech therapy, after school activities and homeschool. However, if you’d like to add this to a listening station in class, I’ve included suggestions how to do so.


Ready to help your child learn with ease and confidence? Click the link to find Building Auditory Memory Skills with Grid Art: Geometric Animals ($4) in my TPT store today!