Halloween Activity Fun Pack for Kids – Full Color Printable

What happens when you want your child to engage in therapeutic learning exercises but you don’t want it to feel like work?


You give them a Halloween Activity Fun Pack full of visual skill-building treats!  Instead of saying, “Oh man, do I HAVE to?” your child might surprise you with “These are so fun!  Can I have some more?”


Give this Halloween Activity Fun Pack to your children or students and expand learning abilities. Moms, dads and teachers will know its secret purpose, to strengthen visual discrimination, visual tracking, visual figure ground and spatial awareness. Kids won’t notice their mental muscles working, and may even ask for more!

It doesn’t matter if your child is a strong learner or one who benefits from educational therapy.


It doesn’t matter if your child is in homeschool, a regular classroom, special education, or an after school program.


This Halloween Activity Fun Pack strengthens visual processing skills such as visual discrimination, visual tracking, and visual figure ground.  These skills and more are critical for efficient and supportive learning development.


Offer this Halloween Activity Fun Pack to strengthen learning abilities or offer it just for fun.  Either way, your child won’t even notice all of those mental muscles going to work.


By the way, you may have seen a variation of one of the activities, Seek and Find and Color Me Pumpkins, in The Free Printables Collection already.  The remaining 9 exercises in this 10-pack are all brand new.


Recommended for students in grades 2-4 (regular education), or those in educational therapy, special ed, or vision therapy in grades 2 and above.


This is a paid product that you can find here:  Halloween Activity Fun Pack


Thank you so much for your support!


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