Halloween Printables Roundup

I’ve been designing printable fun pages for kids for quite some time now and thought you might like to find the Halloween pages all in one place.  Check out this roundup of Halloween themed printable fun!


Illustrations of mummy, vampire, ghost, and other Halloween themed characters.


The first part of this list includes printable freebies.  Okay, almost free.  They’ll cost you an email address.  (See the sign up box below.)


If you don’t mind paying a few dollars for some sneaky yet powerful brain boosters, check out the printable activity packs at the end.


Free With Sign Up

Free printable for kids! Sneak in a little visual skill-building this Halloween. While children have fun seeking, finding, and coloring the proper pumpkins they also strengthen visual discrimination skills and more.Seek and Find and Color Me Pumpkins

Quietly helps strengthen visual figure ground and visual discrimination.



Printable Paper Scene: HalloweenPaper Scene: Halloween

Not so spooky Halloween creative play.



Spider Picture MazePrintable Halloween Treat: Spider Picture Maze

Halloween themed visual tracking activity.


Printable Halloween BookmarksPrintable Halloween Bookmarks

Sugar free cut & color fun.



Halloween Pencil ToppersHalloween Pencil Toppers

No blog post for this one, but still accessible from the same page as the subscriber freebies above.



Give this Halloween Activity Fun Pack to your children or students and expand learning abilities. Moms, dads and teachers will know its secret purpose, to strengthen visual discrimination, visual tracking, visual figure ground and spatial awareness. Kids won’t notice their mental muscles working, and may even ask for more!Halloween Activity Fun Pack

So many sneaky ways to strengthen learning skills!



Finish the Monster Drawing – An Art-for-Brains ActivityKids finish the drawing of a friendly printable monster, add their own creative twist, and build visual processing skills while enjoying this fun art activity.

This fun visual closure activity pack includes a link to a free sample.




Twelve Months of Visual Memory Matching Games for KidsHalloween Visual Memory Matching Game for Kids - Printable

Cut and play visual memory games for every month of the year. October, of course, is Halloween themed. You’ll also find a link to the smaller version, Visual Memory Matching Games, THE HOLIDAYS, which includes memory matching games for Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.