Help Kids Cope with the Emotions of Learning Difficulties

If you have a child with learning difficulties then you know that learning difficulties aren’t the only challenges your child faces.  A whole cascade of emotions have a way a tagging along uninvited.  Thoughts and feelings like:

I’m not smart enough.

 I’m a nobody.

 I’m ashamed and embarrassed because everyone else “gets it” but me.


While a bucket of love and a big ol’ hug from you may help ease the hurt for a moment, trying to convince children with learning difficulties to believe in themselves because YOU believe in them can feel a little like trying to convince an elephant that he is light as a feather.


I’m happy to report that pediatric psychologist Dr. Lynne Kenney has a simple and powerful tool to share with us that helps children cope with tough feelings and circumstances.


Learning difficulties can be tough. So can the emotions that accompany them. A big thank you to Dr. Lynne Kenney for this free tool. It’s designed to help YOU help children cope with negative feelings and situations, including learning challenges and feelings of inadequacy.

It’s a free printable that not only helps your child identify emotions, and helps YOU know exactly what’s going on in that young, beautiful noggin.  It helps start a conversation about what your child experiences on a regular basis.  It teaches your child not to be a victim to negative situations or emotions but to own them and to choose what to do next.


Download her free printable, MY FEELINGS COUNT.  Then use it to help your child learn how to handle those difficult emotions rather than be controlled by them.


And for teachers, homeschool or otherwise, who would love to incorporate a little more kindness in the classroom, check out her social-emotional classroom décor, Bloom Your Room!


No affiliate links here, by the way.  Just me sharing a love of learning and improving confidence in kids.