Help Struggling Learners Improve Visual Memory – Free Video Training

By the time children learn the alphabet, most can remember what letters look like (visual memory).  They also remember what letters sound like (auditory memory).  For some kids, letter recognition doesn’t come so easily.  As proactive parents and educators, we may need to help struggling learners improve visual memory, as well as auditory memory, deliberately and strategically.


Background in gray and orange. Computer mockup with title slide that reads: Visual Memory Learning Intervention Training and Strategies


If you haven’t watched the free auditory memory training yet, please start there.  Once you’ve had a chance to understand why auditory memory is so critical to successful reading and learning intervention, come back to learn more about visual memory.


For instance…

Why is visual memory development so important?

How do we know if underdeveloped visual memory skills prevent our learner from progressing?

If so, what do we do to help improve visual memory?


Whether you’re an educator looking for professional development or you’re a parent helping to improve your learner’s abilities at home, I encourage you to learn all you can about this critical learning skill.


Watch this 20-minute visual memory training FREE, inside my store. While you’re there, download the included bonus pdf for even more tips and resources!