The complete (easy to follow) learning intervention system for parents ready to unlock their children’s true learning abilities.


(Designed for parents, but perfect for teachers and specialists, too!)



What if you could provide effective, easy to implement solutions to children’s learning difficulties at home in as little as 10 minutes per day?


In other words, what if you could discover what’s really at the root of your child’s learning difficulties, AND learn exactly how to help so that your struggling learner becomes a confident, capable, independent learner instead?


If you’d like that solution to also reduce your child’s stress rather than add more, and NOT require a lot of extra time, then I have something really special for you.


As someone who has successfully helped struggling learners remove their roadblocks to learning, who has trained teachers and student-teachers in simple yet powerful strategies (that work), I’ve packaged what I know about effective learning intervention into one online training program so that you can do the same for YOUR learner.

This is the easy to learn, easy to implement, complete system for unlocking children’s true learning abilities.


The information belongs out of my head and into your hands.


Because it works.


Welcome to How to Grow a Learner.


Do you believe this statement?  Children in grade school who struggle to keep up with grade-level work SHOULD receive effective learning intervention at school.  Yes?  Me too!




Far too many struggling learners do NOT receive the support that they truly need.


Even if they have an official diagnosis of dyslexia or some other type of learning difference,


even if their parents attend regular IEP meetings for extra support,


even if learners actually QUALIFY for extra support, such as time with a reading specialist,


students continue to fall further and further behind in school.


They continue to receive inadequate intervention strategies that don’t help them substantially improve their ability to read and learn.  In other words, they continue to struggle year after year while parents and educators keep wondering why they don’t see better results. 




How to Grow a Learner changes the trajectory of your child’s academic future by giving YOU the tools to unlock your learner’s TRUE abilities.


It’s faster and more successful than waiting for the schools.


It’s easy to learn, easy to implement, and does NOT require a lot of extra time.  Choose 10 minutes per day, or 50 minutes once per week or 25 minutes twice per week; whatever works best for your child and your schedule.


Plus, generate one learning WIN for your child after another after another after another. 


You don’t need any prior teaching experience.  You do need EFFECTIVE strategies and a step-by step roadmap to guide you.  I’ve got you covered.



We have discovered a new excitement for learning.  Our kids love the time that we spend on this more than our other homeschool. I am way more hands on with my kids, and focusing on their individual needs! I love this course!

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

The lightbulb moment that was absolutely amazing was the spelling.  I was a little bit skeptical thinking, “How is this going to work?”  I was absolutely blown away.  I could’ve cried.  I think so could he.  He was so amazed with himself.  Before he couldn’t spell anything and suddenly he’s getting 10/10!

Parent & HGL Graduate

The reading strategy made the biggest difference. He seemed to jump from a kindergarten level to a second grade reading level in just a couple of weeks. He actually volunteered to read on his own. 

Parent & HGL Graduate


Working with your child at home without resistance.  How is that possible?  Because the (powerful) skill-building work you do together is fun, easy, and allows your child to experience multiple wins, quickly.

Hearing teachers (or, if you’re the teacher, hearing parents) ask you in amazement what on earth you’re doing differently, because this previously resistant student is more relaxed, more confident, and so much more engaged than ever before.


Doors that were previously closed are now wide open.  You and your learner dream of planning for college, or other potential futures, because you no longer worry if they’re even possible. 

Hi, I’m Cherice David.  I specialize in helping children with learning differences unlock their learning abilities, ones that many struggling students don’t even realize they have.  Nowadays I do that by:


  1. Designing therapeutic educational materials
  2. Helping parents and educators learn what I know about EFFECTIVE learning intervention


There’s nothing quite like witnessing a child who previously felt defeated by confidence-crushing learning difficulties transform before your eyes into a capable, independent learner.


There’s nothing quite like that moment when children finally realize this – that reading and learning WELL, with ease and with confidence, isn’t reserved for OTHER kids, but THEY get to shine just as brightly as they want to, too.


I want that for every child who needs it.


I want YOU to experience that moment with YOUR child as well. 


That’s the transformation you’ll find inside How to Grow a Learner.


With step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, with LOTS of customizable strategies that you can tailor-fit to YOUR child’s unique needs, and with demonstrations PLUS extra supports that make implementing those strategies even easier, you’ll wish you’d found this complete intervention system a whole lot sooner!


That confident, capable, independent learner who’s just waiting to be revealed is ready to break free NOW.


I can help you with that.






Whether in homeschool or traditional school, if you’re tired of the heartbreaking decline in your child’s confidence because of struggles with reading and/or learning, a great way to reverse that effect is to help your child finally feel successful.  Telling kids they’re capable is one thing (which they rarely believe).  Helping them become more capable than they ever thought possible changes everything.


While this course is designed for parents, if you have students in your class you just can’t seem to reach, and you know they’re bright but not reaching their potential, you need more tools.  Not just more, but better.  Tools that help ALL learners learn, not just the struggling ones.  Tools you can easily adapt to fit the needs of your classroom.


Did your MA in education fail you? Despite ALL that extra time, money, and training, some struggling students still mystify you.  Take heart – you’re not alone.  Many professionals believe they missed important tools, too.  Training designed specifically to reach students with learning differences (dyslexia, auditory & visual processing challenges, etc) fills the gaps in your own education so you can help every unique learner fill the gaps in theirs.




Maybe you say to yourself,

“But I’ve tried everything already.  Nothing works.”

Here’s what sets How to Grow a Learner apart.

The Baseline to Breakthrough Method

The system of measurement built into the program allows you to see exactly what’s working and what isn’t working so you can adjust accordingly, and do so without wasting a lot of time.  We don’t repeat failed strategies, like drills and repetition, and simply HOPE that something sticks. Your child’s future is too important for that.


Focus on Underlying Cognitive Skills

(Not Academics)

When a child can’t read, what’s so wrong with focusing more on… reading?  For starters, it neglects all of the underlying cognitive skills that make reading and other academic skills possible in the first place.  It’s kind of like trying to build a house but forgetting to pour the foundation.  It doesn’t work. 

Fitting All of the Learning Pieces Together

(Not One Skill at a Time)

In order to give struggling learners a real chance at lifelong learning success we need to fit ALL of the learning pieces together, build them up together.  This becomes very simple to do once you have a crystal clear system and a roadmap to follow.

Tailor-Fit Solutions

(Not One-Size-Fits-All)

Making out-of-the-box learners adapt to the one size fits all approach inherent in the traditional school system doesn’t work.  What does?  Identifying the challenges that are unique to your child, and providing tailor-fit solutions to those challenges.  That approach actually saves years of struggle and heartache, is much less stressful, and allows students to celebrate their uniqueness because it no longer holds them back.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?


So, MAYBE you’re exhausted by all of the failed learning intervention approaches you’ve tried so far.  I hear you.


MAYBE you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a private, educational therapist.  Or, you’ve done that already and didn’t see the results you were looking for.


MAYBE you know in your heart of hearts that your learner is in fact smart despite all of the academic struggles.  You know your child deserves so much more, to feel capable and confident, to accumulate win after win after win, and not shrivel in defeat when academics feel so out of reach.


If so, you may be ready for How to Grow a Learner.


Once you join, you gain immediate access to all of the course modules.  That means you can learn at your own pace.


If you choose to learn and implement one module per week, in 6 short weeks you’ll have a complete understanding of:

      • How to measure your child’s current abilities (It’s easier than you think.)
      • How to implement strategies to improve those abilities in a way that does not increase stress or overwhelm for either of you
      • How to measure and celebrate progress along the way
      • How to keep going until all of the missing pieces of the learning puzzle fit


This first module helps ensure that your success with this program is inevitable.  By the end of Module 1 you know how to organize your training sessions with your child, how to tailor the program to fit your child’s specific needs, and how to help your child feel supported and understood throughout.  You also learn what measurement looks like at every phase.

Ultimately Module 1 sets the groundwork for you so that you feel as supported as possible, and ready to dive in. 


Attention issues often go hand in hand with learning challenges.  Whether your child has difficulty concentrating or not, here you learn how attention challenges show up differently for different students.  You discover multiple strategies for improving attention, and how to choose which one is best for your child.


Understanding what’s at the root of your child’s reading difficulties helps you become laser focused on the most effective intervention strategies.

By the end of Module 3 you know exactly how to implement one of my all-time favorite multi-sensory reading techniques.  Bonus effect: this technique has a fun way of removing the pressure of reading, and much of the resistance your child might experience.

Plus, you know exactly which additional reading strategy to work on first, second, and third so that your child eventually becomes a confident, independent reader, and one who actually enjoys reading.


Don’t worry if you’ve never heard the term “auditory processing” before.  You’ll be a pro soon enough!

Identifying and strengthening auditory processing challenges can be a game-changer for some students.   You learn how to identify your child’s unique auditory processing challenges, if any, and what exactly to do about them.  You help your child master only the most critical auditory skill first.  (Yep, there’s more than one.)  I teach you how to identify what that is and how to proceed after mastery.

Module 5 is much like Module 4, only this time we focus on visual processing abilities.  You walk away knowing how to identify which visual skill that your child needs help with the most so that visual skills support rather than interfere with learning.  Again, you strengthen only that one visual skill until mastery before introducing any others.

Students with learning difficulties often struggle with critical thinking, with keeping themselves and their schoolwork organized, remembering not just to complete assignments but to turn them in after finishing, and other areas related to planning and goal setting.

Some of the learning gaps that you uncover throughout Module 6 might surprise you.   The work that you and your child do together to strengthen time awareness, spatial awareness, and logic and reasoning fills those gaps and leads to more independent thinking and creative problem solving.

Just like with many of the other strategies throughout this program, the ones in Module 6 are very hands-on.  Not only that, but I encourage quite a bit of game playing here.  While that’s always fun for the kids, you get to have fun right alongside them.


I liked that everything was explained very clearly.  I felt like I learned a ton, not just about my child, but about my own learning skills. Watching you act it out on video and explaining what to look for was a huge help.

Parent & HGL Graduate

You taught me so many things that I never learned in my master’s courses in reading.  Learning how the simplest strategies can impact children is priceless. Things do not need to be complicated and overwhelming to get results.

Special Education Teacher & HGL Graduate

My son had started to feel like a complete failure.  He didn’t want to go to school and pleaded with me to take him out.  Now he’s a different child, not just at school but his whole demeanor.  He’s happier.  He’s more confident.  He’s enjoying “learning” for the first time in his life and every session makes him feel that he “can do.”

Parent, Special Needs Teacher & HGL Graduate

I have done the vision therapy, OT, PT, Language Therapy we have done the tutoring, the IEP goals that never seem to get worked on.  This course has been the most enlightening for me. Now we have a little girl who will sit down and do work, and read.

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

For years my child completely bewildered me! I always felt so confused by his behavior and never knew when he was really struggling versus when he just wasn’t in the mood or was feeling lazy.  Your examples of how kids respond and what it may mean is priceless!  Now I’m picking up on why he responds like he does, and how to not overwhelm him.  It’s finally starting to make sense!

Parent & HGL Graduate

My daughter is a great reader but does not spell well.  The color cube strategy has just been insane in showing us how hard it is for her to figure out where the sounds go.  Once my kids get it, when it clicks, they are so proud of themselves and so excited.

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

Attention is a HUGE struggle at our house. We saw a marked difference after just three days of the first attention strategy!!  So thankful for this program!

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

My child who struggles with reading is LOVING to read with me.  Before, he was still sounding out every syllable, even after he read it 5 times.  It was driving both of us crazy. The reading strategy has been huge for his confidence.

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

I think changing the way I approached working with my daughter gave her more self-worth and more a sense of “I can do this.”  With a little guidance and our new techniques she is willing to do it. 

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

There were so many brilliant strategies that really addressed my son’s difficulties. The reading strategy seems to take all of the pressure out of reading, which means he can begin to enjoy what he is reading rather than it just being a chore.  Before we started, things were looking incredibly bleak.  I now feel that I have the ability to make a massive difference for my child.

Parent & HGL Graduate

I think just understanding what to look for and being able to tell when your child is struggling in an area makes a world of difference.  It spills over into your everyday activities and becomes a part of how you communicate.  

Parent & HGL Graduate

It is interesting to watch the differences between how all four of my younger kids process things….the games and puzzles make it easy for me to reach all of them no matter what level they are at.

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

All of these processing issues are not just frustrating for the child but they are also frustrating for the adult.  I love the way that your modules have given me confidence to know where to start and how to increase difficulty.  Now I feel more at ease.  I don’t question if I’m doing enough.  You have given me strategies to help boost my daughter’s confidence and that means the world to me.

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

I am a special education teacher aware of the one size fits all Band-Aid approaches that many students receive, and their continued frustrations when they fail to grow as readers.  The course was not overwhelming and contained just the right amount of information, an asset to busy adults who are teaching children.  Everything has been easy to implement and fun.  I do not want to stop learning from you!

Special Education Teacher & HGL Graduate


How to Grow a Learner (Self-Study) includes…

  6 Training Modules

  Direct Access to Me

Have questions?  I have answers for you.

  Strategy Demonstrations Throughout

No guessing here.  You see exactly how they work.

  Transcripts for easy reference.

  The Materials List in case you need additional (low-cost) tools.

  Extra Bonuses and Supports  (Yes, there’s more!)



These are designed to help you implement all of the new strategies you learn about.  Some are easy reference guides.  Many of them are there to help make the strategies as easy to implement as possible.  Simply follow the step by step instructions and you never have to wonder, “Am I doing this right?”  You’ve got this.


We don’t simply provide learning intervention and hope that something sticks.  That is a failed strategy.  Instead, throughout the program you learn exactly how to measure your child’s baseline abilities, how to implement strategies to improve those abilities, and how (and when) to measure progress. 



You’ll need a way to keep track of which activities you work on together, keep track of any observations you have, and any changes you notice.  The progress tracking system makes that super simple for you to do.


In case you feel uncertain about the skills that need your attention the most, the course roadmap guides you every step of the way.  And, as your child accumulates more wins and advances from one skill to the next, the roadmap will guide you along your journey together.



As long as your child is collecting wins, we want to celebrate them!  Growth charts offer a very visual way to see progress happen as it happens.  The kids complete these themselves every time they advance a level.  Constantly reinforcing the fact that kids are well on their way to becoming successful readers and learners can have profound effects on what they deeply believe about themselves.  Want your child to stop giving up?  Growth charts help kids learn that their effort, the right kind of effort, really does pay off.




Are you ever confused about reading levels?  This bonus video training teaches you how to identify your child’s current reading level if you don’t know it already, and how to choose the perfect reading materials so that kids easily stair-step their way to grade-level readingNo promises here, but I HAVE seen kids start reading beyond grade-level, with the right intervention.

And, if the bonuses above weren’t enough, here’s a real biggie for ya…



This is a simple to implement, effective reading intervention program for students in grades 1-6.  It’s especially helpful for students who struggle to recognize letters consistently. 

You receive Workbook Level 1 and Workbook Level 2.  You also learn why this program, despite being so simple to implement, has such a profound impact on children’s reading ability, specifically their ability to identify letters, and easily blend / segment / read words in a very short time, without resistance and without a lot of effort.  By the way, for non-HGL students, the Letter Sounds Made Simple Workbooks sell for $35 each.  You receive them both as part of your How to Grow a Learner training.   IMPORTANT NOTE: These arrive after the refund period ends.  However, a sample lesson is immediately available.

This is something I have been waiting for for YEARS. Someone that understands the impact of trauma on the brain while incorporating crossing the midline, multi-sensory, executive functioning skills, all while addressing the issues we face EVERY DAY has been priceless. Thank you so much for doing what no one else has done. It is an answer to prayer!

Homeschool Parent & HGL Graduate

My student is much more confident and was just ecstatic.  “Hey, I was able to pay attention to this!”  The classroom teacher also noticed she is working harder and is more focused.  I will absolutely be using the strategies with nearly all of my students.

Special Education Teacher & HGL Graduate

HAVE QUESTIONS? (Click to expand.)

Does my child require formal testing?

No.  If you already have formal testing, great.  You might find it helpful.  For this program it is not required. Why?  Because The Baseline to Breakthrough Method is built right into the program.  You learn everything you need to know about measuring your child’s current (and future) abilities so you know what to work on first, then next, then next, etc.

What if I have learning challenges of my own?  Can I really help my child?

I believe that having learning challenges of your own puts you at a distinct ADVANTAGE when helping your child.  You understand the struggle more than most.

How to Grow a Learner also offers the perfect opportunity to improve your own skills as you help improve your child’s.

Should my child/student watch this training with me?

The short answer is no.  This training is for the parent (or educator, whatever the case may be for you).  In this course we discuss common struggles and challenges quite a bit.  If kids already feel bad about themselves or their learning challenges, we certainly don’t want to inadvertently give them any more to internalize.

What’s the time commitment?

Students typically begin to experience confidence-boosting changes rather quickly.  That said, real, sustainable learning growth does not happen overnight.  In general, expect roughly 12 -18 months of consistent practice before your child no longer needs your extra support. 

You can choose to provide that support for one hour per week, or 3 times per week, or even more often.  You can also shorten your training sessions to 10 minutes per day.  It’s completely customizable.  Just know that the more frequent and the more consistent you can be with this, the faster you can expect progress. 

Just a side note: dyslexic students do not lose their dyslexic gifts.  They simply become able to read and learn in a way that supports the unique way they see the world.

I’m an educator, not a parent.  Can I still take this course?

Absolutely!  In fact, I would love for this training to find its way to every educator out there! (Feel free to inquire about professional development credits.)

Do be aware, however, that in this training I speak directly to parents.

I also assume that you’re able to work one-on-one with your student, or in small groups at the very least.  If that’s not the case, I find that most educators are very creative when it comes to adapting strategies to serve the entire classroom.

Is this a good fit for a student with autism, or Down Syndrome, or even one who is gifted?

How to Grow a Learner is designed for students, typically those with learning differences, who are smart but still struggle with academics.  In most cases, students who score below average on standard intelligence scales are not ideal candidates.  Regardless of diagnosis, if your child has average to above average intelligence but is still not performing at grade level, How to Grow a Learner is the perfect fit.


Now, of course I want you to take me up on my offer, because that means your child finally receives the help that he or she needs, gets to LOVE reading and learning, maybe for the first time,  looks forward to a future full of opportunities and unlimited choices, and feels so much more confident moving forward through life.


Not only that but YOU get to feel an immense sense of pride and accomplishment by being the parent (or educator) who makes all of that happen.


But I get it.  Committing even a small investment in your child’s future, including the investment of your time, can be a scary thing.  So, if for any reason within the first 4 weeks after signing up you decide this just isn’t for you, simply let me know and you’ll receive a refund.

Okay, this is your moment.


You get to choose.


Do you stay the course, and continue down the rabbit hole of failed… or painfully slow… or outrageously expensive (but still inadequate) learning intervention?




Do you take the leap and become your child’s best hope of growing into a successful… confident… proud… engaged… eager… lifelong learner?

Imagine where you and your child could be this same time next year.


You read higher level books together without resistance.


Spelling words?  Piece of cake.


IEP meetings?  Maybe not even necessary.


Fears about your child’s educational future?  A thing of the past.


Most importantly, your child believes you when you say, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”  You actually believe it, too.


Incidentally, that belief plus newfound confidence translates to more family harmony, stronger friendships, and more sky-is-the-limit thinking.


If you’re ready, the doors to How to Grow a Learner are open to you now. 

I would love for you to join us.

3 Monthly Payments of


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One Time Payment of


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Still have questions?   Submit them here.  I’m always happy to help.