How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids

Have you helped fill someone’s bucket today?  And no, I don’t actually mean with water, sand, or potting soil.

AuthoHow Full Is Your Bucket? for Kidsrs Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer fill buckets every time someone reads their children’s book How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids.  So does illustrator Maurie J. Manning.  Want to learn how?

The aptly titled How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids is based on the adult edition How Full Is Your Bucket, a #1 New York Times bestseller.  This delightful and empowering story teaches children and adults what bucket filling is all about.

First we learn that we each have our own imaginary bucket.  Granted, some children are not thinking in metaphors at the age they most enjoy picture books.  In my humble opinion, a little guidance may be in order while reading to your young, concrete thinking child.  We don’t literally have buckets of water floating above our heads all day long.  We can, however, learn which actions fill us up and which ones empty us, that is, with a little help from a bucket.

How do we feel when our buckets are empty?

How do we react to other people when that happens?

How do other people react to us?

Manning’s beautiful illustrations help address these important questions and more in a lighthearted, easy to understand way.

How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids, sample pages

I must admit, I initially grew a bit concerned while reading examples of how to fill our buckets.  Felix, the main character, began to fill his own empty bucket by receiving compliments from others.  I wholeheartedly support cheering for children after a job well done.  I do not agree, however, with encouraging reliance on praise in order to feel good about ourselves.  Better to form internal mechanisms for self empowerment than to create unhealthy dependence on other people’s opinions.  Then again, that’s just my opinion.

As it turns out, my concern only lasted for, oh, a fraction of a moment.  The authors, being the research focused professionals that they are, include a variety of ways to fill our own buckets.  They placed plenty of emphasis on one of my favorite bucket-filling methods, helping other people fill theirs.

If you’re a parent, you most likely have already filled your child’s bucket numerous times today.  If you would like a helpful tool for empowering them to do the same, I highly recommend How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids.  Published by Gallup Press, you can find it along with other Tom Rath bestsellers here.

Parents of 10-14 year olds, you will find resources to help discover your child’s strengths there as well.

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